Three FARC Guerrillas Killed in Colombia

By Dialogo
June 26, 2013

Three guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were killed and six others captured in Arauca department, the Colombian Army reported on June 23, specifying that the insurgents were killed during a confrontation against a military unit.

According to a press release published on the Army’s website, one of the casualties was a FARC leader identified as aka “Antonio Pescador.”

“During an armed confrontation when a military operation was being conducted, this leader was neutralized, two other FARC members of the 45th Front were also killed, and another six insurgents were captured, four of whom were wounded,” the report added.

The troops said “three rifles, 11 suppliers, five campaign communication computers, a base communication radio and hand grenades” were also seized from where the confrontation took place.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos congratulated the Army via Twitter for neutralizing aka “Antonio Pescador.”

Since November, the FARC are holding peace negotiations with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos in Cuba, without agreeing to a bilateral ceasefire.

As the oldest guerrilla group in Latin America, the FARC have been in the armed struggle for 48 years, with 8,000 current combatants.