Three Dead after Counter Drug Helicopter Crashes in Peru

By Dialogo
July 12, 2013

A helicopter belonging tothe Peruvian National Police crashed to the ground with three crew members onboard during a practice night flight in a coca area in a northeastern area of Peru, killing its crew, the police command reported.

The bodies of the crew members, two officers and a NCO from the Peruvian police were found by rescue workers from Tingo María Air Base, where the helicopter had departed, a statement said.

According to the police command, the aircraft might have fallen due to an accident, since it declared an emergency before losing communication with the control personnel at the base.

The pilots of the damaged aircraft were performing night flight training with goggles, according to the monthly training program used by that unit, the police command stated.

The helicopter was a UH-2H, used in coca leaf eradication operations in the area of Leoncio Prado and Alto Huallaga in Tingo María, generally used during counter drug cooperation efforts with the U.S.

The aircraft crashed against La Moyuna hill, located 5 kilometers from the police base, according to authorities.

The institution said that an investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the accident.