Three Colombians Linked to “Los Rastrojos” Gang Are Arrested in Venezuela

By Dialogo
August 03, 2012

Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami announced on August 1 that three Colombian citizens linked to the paramilitary drug gang Los Rastrojos [The Stubble] have been arrested in the state of Zulia (in northwestern Venezuela), according to state news service AVN.

“In an operational deployment conducted by the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) in Maracaibo, in Zulia state, three citizens of Colombian nationality, linked to the Los Rastrojos criminal group, were successfully arrested,” AVN announced on its website, citing El Aissami.

The alleged paramilitaries were identified as Eduardo Luis Rosenberg Contreras, 49 years old; Russel Alfonso Núñez, 42 years old; and José Nicolás Cure, 37 years old. According to AVN, the three “were being sought by the authorities of their country for drug trafficking, aggravated homicide, and criminal conspiracy.”

El Aissami also said that the operation in which the Colombians were arrested is part of the investigation initiated following the arrest in June of Diego Pérez Enao, alias “Diego Rastrojo,” who was extradited to Colombia last week.

The minister did not provide any information about the probable extradition of the three individuals newly arrested.