Three Alleged Guerrilla Members Captured in Paraguay

By Dialogo
January 31, 2013

Three alleged guerrilla members of the clandestine Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) were detained by counterterrorism authorities in two house raids in the district of Concepción, where weapons were also seized on January 29, according to a Police statement.

The operation was led by the anti-kidnapping prosecutor Federico Delfino and the Paraguayan Police commander, Commissioner Aldo Pastore, said the report.

The captured individuals were two 23-year-olds that belonged to the insurgency’s operational wing – EPP’s “soldiers” – in addition to one other member of the logistics wing, aged 48.

They are presumed to have participated in the recent attacks registered in a cattle raising area in Concepción, according to the reports.

“Weapons, uniforms, ammunition and cell phones were found during the searches,” prosecutor Delfino told the press.

The public official also revealed that a seized assault rifle appeared to belong to the Paraguayan Army.

The EPP is a guerrilla organization based in Concepción, which has claimed responsibility for several kidnappings and murders in Paraguay.