The Terrorists Are in Their Last Hours, Says Colombian Minister Pinzón

The Terrorists Are in Their Last Hours, Says Colombian Minister Pinzón

By Dialogo
December 22, 2011

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón visited the government forces operating in the southern part of Tolima department to present them personally with letters written by thousands of children to their country’s soldiers and police officers during the campaign “I Keep You in My Heart: Gratitude Post.”

From Chaparral, Tolima, on December 20, Minister Pinzón warned that the terrorist groups are reaching their final hours, for which reason he urged the government forces to increase their efforts to defeat them. The Minister exhorted the troops to work with greater decisiveness next year to defeat the violent groups.

“2012 will be a year of much work; it’s necessary to reinforce our conviction, our decisiveness. It will be a determining year for Colombia. Time is running out for the bandits; their time is coming soon. They’re in their last hours,” Minister Pinzón told a contingent of military personnel and police officers from the Caicedo Battalion, located in the municipality of Chaparral.

The Minister took the opportunity to emphasize the high level of recognition the Colombian Armed Forces have around the world today and the affection that all Colombians feel for their soldiers, marines, pilots, and police officers, stating that “the positive moment that the country is experiencing is thanks to the work of government forces.”