“The King” Roberto Carlos Celebrates Fifty Years As A Singer With A Tour

By Dialogo
March 24, 2009

senhores gostaria de rever sa musicas da jovem guarda do rie roberto carlos To celebrate his fifty-year-long career, Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos, nicknamed "the king" by his fans, announced that he will release a new album, go on tour, and perform a large show in one of the largest exhibition centers in Sao Paulo. Roberto Carlos’s tour will last one year and will include a performance for an audience of 70,000 people at the legendary Marcaná Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in July. This tour will begin in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (Espiritu Santo), his hometown, on April 19, his 68th birthday, and ending in New York a year later, he and his organization stated in a press conference. One of the shows, "Roberto Carlos Rock Symphony," will reunite national rockers, he told the local press. A CD with new songs will also be released for the occasion, and the singer explained that the theme would be what he has always sought. "I have always spoken, and continue to speak of love, which is one of the most important things in existence." The writer of hits such as "I want a million friends," Roberto Carlos is considered the Latin American songwriter who has sold the most albums, with about 100 million sales, according to his website. The Brazilian Justice has banned an unauthorized biography of the singer written by Paulo César Araujo. The biography recounts episodes that the artist is reluctant to discuss in public, including the amputation of one leg after a car accident, and his quarrels with his friend and partner, the singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos, who also joined the so-called 'Young Guard' in the 60s.