The Brazilian Air Force Will Keep A Census Of UFOs Reported By Pilots

By Dialogo
August 13, 2010

It would be interesting to see UFO images endorsed by a country’s aerial forces, and to obtain real results in order to clear up the mystery that has always existed; if in fact there is life on other planets, or if they are new futuristic technologies of our own making.
The appearance of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in Brazilian airspace will be officially recorded by the Brazilian Aeronautics Command, which formalized this decision and made it official with a decree published in the official government gazette.

The decree calls on the pilots of civilian and military planes, along with national air-traffic controllers, to recount their experiences to the Aerospace Defense Command in Brasilia, and also to send documentary evidence about unidentified flying objects, the decree indicates.

The material photographed or filmed in the immensity of the Brazilian sky, in a country eight million square kilometers in area, will be catalogued and archived at the Air Force Historical Documentation Center, in the western part of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The material will be able to be consulted by researchers and others interested in these phenomena.

The decree is dated 9 August and was published Tuesday. It was signed by the commander of the Air Force, Juniti Saito, and specifies that the records will be entered on a special form.

“The Aeronautics Command does not have at its disposal a specialized structure for carrying out scientific research on these aerial phenomena and will limit itself to recording the events,” the Air Force emphasized in a statement sent to the daily O Dia.

A military air-traffic controller from Rio de Janeiro told the daily O Dia that “there are stories about ministers and even a president who saw a UFO.”