The Army Remains at the Alemão Complex, Jobim Says

By Dialogo
December 07, 2010

The forces occupying the Alemão Complex in northern Rio de Janeiro will remain in the community indefinitely, and the Armed Forces will have command of the operation.

The announcement was made by Defense Minister Nelson Jobim and by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, PMDB), after a meeting evaluating the operations.

“Command belongs to the Army, while state, civilian, and military personnel will have their own intermediate commanders,” Jobim said at a press conference.

Until now, according to Jobim, the Army has been providing perimeter security. Patrol and occupation of the area were the responsibility of state authorities. This will now change.

“The fundamental change is that they are going inside the slum,” the minister summarized.
With the support of the Armed Forces and the Federal Police, the Civil and Military Police of the state of Rio de Janeiro occupied the Alemão Complex last week.

The period of time that the forces will remain in the community has not been determined. “The need is what determines their presence, and not a set date,” Jobim said.