Team Zeroes In New Sniper System

Team Zeroes In New Sniper System

By Dialogo
July 14, 2011

The Fort Sill Special Reaction Team is setting their sights further downrange, with new M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems. They received the
new weapon recently, and they were definitely excited.

Like getting fitted with a new pair of glasses, the new sniper equipment allows shooters to see up to 1,000 yards away, giving each sniper a new look
at the enemy. As for why the Army is issuing this new weapon, Brett Little, Tank Automotive and Armaments Command, New Equipment Training team member, said it was just a matter of time.

“The Army is coming out with a lot of new weapons,” said Little. “The weapon this one is replacing was getting old. Snipers still love it but this one is
semi-automatic so they don’t have to cycle the bolt every time.”

Soldiers are already using the lightweight M110 in combat where they engage in much closer and faster paced environments. It became apparent to Army
leaders that a new rifle was necessary to better suit the needs of the modern urban combat zone as well as the traditional sniper role.

The M110 is also the first U.S. Army weapon system that integrates a quick attachable and detachable suppressor to reduce the weapon’s firing signature.

While the enthusiasm for the new weapons was fresh, the training was also very serious. Over a three-day period, the team learned the ins and outs of the weapon system as taught by the TACOM NET team.

Little said he and his team train on every weapon either at the weapon’s manufacturer or they stick their noses into instruction manuals until they know everything about it. Then they spread their information with Soldiers overseas or with special maneuver teams like Fort Sill’s SRT back home.

There is one thing the instructors leave to the snipers, and that’s technique.

“Snipers Army-wide have been receiving this new weapon since 2008, so most of the units already have it. This is going to be one of our last ones,” said Little.

Developments and improvements to the Marines' rifles are excellent. 30 years ago they fought with repeating rifles, with a bolt, and it was impossible to hit the target from 200 meters, because the enemy was not visible. Nowadays, with modern assault rifles, one Marine is as effective as whole squadron using Mausers (with bolt), but they also have to camouflage their positions, in order to escape enemy detection. Success is not only in the guns; training is irreplaceable!