Taekwondo at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

In taekwondo, the fight takes place in a ten-meter by ten-meter area, and each match has three two-minute rounds. Four referees govern the fights.

Points are obtained for the blows struck by the athletes, who can use both their feet and their hands. However, kicks may strike any part of the opponent’s body above the waist. Punches may strike only the opponent’s chest, with a closed fist.

In order to win a match, the fighter must obtain a knockout – a ten-second count when one of the contenders falls. Otherwise, the decision will be on points or by the disqualification of the opponent. If there is a tie, a fourth round will be added, a sudden-death round likewise lasting two minutes.

Taekwondo originated in Korea as a form of self-defense. Its goal is to defend oneself and to attack the enemy, using one’s hands freely. As an Olympic sport, it first appeared at the Seoul Games in 1988, as an exhibition. It was only in Sydney in 2000 that it became official.