Suriname and Guyana Deepen Cooperation

By Dialogo
February 22, 2012

Suriname and Guyana reaffirmed their cooperation with the signing of a joint declaration, after bilateral talks between President Desi Bouterse and his counterpart Donald Ramotar of Guyana.

Closer cooperation on fishery, agriculture, border crossing crime, sea piracy and further talks on bridging the border river Coratyne are some of the areas that were discussed, Suriname’s Foreign Minister Winston Lackin said.

“The two leaders also spoke about joint natural resources, so that the countries will have stronger positions and be able to have bigger role in becoming in the future the food basket for the region. They also spoke about collaboration in the field of rice, exchanging expertise and experiences in particular dry land rice”, Lackin said.

In 2010 Bouterse agreed with Ramotar predecessor Bharat Jagdeo to conduct a feasibility study into bridging the Corentyne River, the border river between the two South American countries.

Though Suriname and Guyana know the Canawaima Ferry as official border crossing route, Suriname justice authorities urged Guyana to regularize its side of the back-track route as an authorized port of entry. Daily, unknown number of citizens uses this route to travel or smuggle goods.

The last few months both Caricom countries dealt with a number of sea robberies, and Suriname police have detained several Guyanese pirates and hijackers who robbed Surinamese fishermen.