Spontaneous Protests are Main Threat during Pope’s Visit to Rio

By Dialogo
July 18, 2013

Brazilian Intelligence considers spontaneous protests as the greatest threat during the Pope’s visit to Rio de Janeiro on the last week of July, Brazil’s state news agency reported on July 16.

Brazil decided to increase the amount of military personnel that will be guarding Pope Francis’ security during his visit to the World Youth Day (WYD), which will bring together about 1.5 million people from July 23 to 28 in Rio, after the historic protests that gathered over one million people on the streets in June.

The spontaneous street protests, such as the ones in several cities of Brazil during the Confederations Cup tournament, are the only red-alert threats for the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN), according to Agência Brasil.

ABIN monitors “sources of threats” and labels them with colors, according to the level of risk. Traffic accidents, organized crime, terrorist attacks, vindication movements (organized protests) and common crimes are all considered threats.

However, there are no protests summoned through social networks so far, except for a “massive gay kiss” at Copacabana beach during the Pope’s welcome speech on July 25, and a protest against gender-based violence in what is known as the “prostitutes’ protest” on July 27.

These things happening with the popes! When Jesus Christ was personally performing his ministry on earth, he never had a bodyguard and no government gave him protection. How is it possible that Pope Francis receive so much protection, that probably costs millions of dollars, if he's supposedly a vicar of Christ on earth? What a contradiction!