Speedboat Carrying Cocaine Intercepted in Colombian Caribbean

Speedboat Carrying Cocaine Intercepted in Colombian Caribbean

By Dialogo
May 23, 2012

In the course of a combined operation within the framework of the maritime interdiction agreements signed by the Colombian National Navy and the U.S. Navy, a go-fast boat carrying cocaine was intercepted in international waters, 120 nautical miles west of La Guajira.

Air and maritime units of the Caribbean Naval Force participated in the operation, along with a Coast Guard vessel and a U.S. plane.

According to the information available, the boat was carrying around a ton of cocaine, which was thrown overboard by the crew upon noticing the presence of the authorities. Following an intensive search, the units recovered 123 kilos of cocaine floating in the water.

The speedboat had apparently left from La Guajira, headed for Central America, where the alkaloid transported would be worth more than 30 million dollars on the international black market.

So far this year, the National Navy has seized more than 26 tons of cocaine in joint, coordinated, and combined operations, striking telling blows against the finances of irregular groups.