Spanish, Colombian and U.S. Police Dismantle Production of Counterfeit Notes

By Dialogo
June 26, 2013

Over a million U.S. dollars, 9 million Colombian pesos and almost one million Euros were confiscated during an international law enforcement operation which dismantled a factory of counterfeit notes in Bogotá, the Spanish police reported on June 24.

“A joint law enforcement operation conducted by the Colombian National Police, Europol and the U.S. Secret Service,” with participation of Spanish agents specialized in counterfeiting has “dismantled a center for the production of counterfeit Euro, U.S. dollar, and Colombian peso notes,” Spanish authorities reported.

“The operation ended with the total disruption of the organization and the arrest of five of its members,” including its alleged leader “and individuals in charge of printing the counterfeit currency,” the police said in a statement, without specifying the suspects’ identities.

The investigation started in September, and it allowed the seizure of “$1,168,000 in $100 denomination bills; 465,000 euros also in 100-denomination bills, and 9,250,000 Colombian pesos in 10,000 and 50,000 denomination bills,” as well as the machines and instruments for forging currency.

After printing the currency, “with offset and inkjet lithographic printing,” the detainees looked for “victims to con in Colombia, with different excuses to exchange the counterfeit money for genuine currency,” the Spanish police explained.

“To convince them, the criminals told their victims that the money came from illicit activities, so it needed to be exchanged immediately into U.S. dollars, including a commission,” he said.