Spain Seizes 708 Kg of Cocaine Coming from the Dominican Republic

By Dialogo
May 02, 2012

The Spanish Civil Guard announced the seizure of 708 kilos of cocaine at the port of Barcelona, hidden in a container of coconuts coming from the Dominican Republic.

According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, the Civil Guard operation constituted “the most significant seizure of this kind of drugs at this port in recent years.”

The cocaine shipment was found on a ship coming from the Dominican Republic that was transporting 22.4 tons of coconuts.

The traffickers used the so-called “loss-leader” method, which consists of hiding the drugs amid legitimate cargo.

Amid the coconut shipment, the agents found 18 sports bags, within which the drugs were packed in small plastic bags stamped with cartoon images.

Spain is the principal European gateway for cocaine coming from Latin America, as well as for hashish from North Africa.