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Southern Command Delegates Deliver Equipment to Fight Influenza A to El Salvador

By Dialogo
May 14, 2009

San Salvador, 12 May (EFE). - Today General Glenn Spears and Paul Trivelli, Deputy Commanders of the U.S. Southern Command, delivered to Salvadoran authorities a shipment of equipment which will help protect health personnel treating cases of influenza A. The donation, valued at $40,800, was turned over to Salvadoran Health Minister Guillermo Maza, who heads the state's plan to tackle the disease. Trivelli, who was recently appointed as a civilian Deputy Commander of the Southern Command, said during the ceremony that the donation is part of a U.S. plan to "prevent an outbreak of influenza A” in El Salvador. The lot consists of 5100 sets, each of which includes a suit of disposable material, shoes, goggles, masks, gloves, and other items of hospital hygiene. He stated that with this donation and cooperation in promoting campaigns for the prevention of influenza A, the country has given El Salvador approximately $105,000 in recent weeks. On Monday night Trivelli and Spears arrived in the country as part of a tour which will last until Wednesday, embassy sources said. The officials also visited a rural area where a dozen soldiers of the Southern Command and elements of the Armed Forces of El Salvador jointly led a day of medical assistance. The activity, promoted by the Southern Command, took place in a school in the Canton Las Animas, in the town of San José Guayabal, 24 miles east of San Salvador. At the site, Trivelli and Spears received a report on the activities which began on May 4 and included five similar activities in other rural areas of the country. The visit of the Deputy Commanders will end in the morning with the presentation of an unmanned aircraft to be used in the fight against drug trafficking. The aircraft will be exhibited to officials of the country and the center's anti-drug surveillance staff that the U.S. maintains near the airport in El Salvador, which is situated 44 kilometers south of San Salvador.