SOUTHCOM provides search and rescue, personnel recovery training to Uruguayans

By Dialogo
June 11, 2013

Six members of the U.S. Army South Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell completed a Personnel Recovery training on the first week of June, aimed at bolstering Uruguayan Air Force Peacekeeping Operation mission readiness in the areas of combat and non-combat Search and Rescue and Personnel Recovery.

A group of 25 Uruguayan students participated (four from their navy, two from their Army, and 19 from their Air Force). The training covered all major aspects of personnel recovery, including incident evaluation and planning, communications, land navigation, and the use of military grid reference system.

This event is funded by Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative (GPOI) in support of host nation mission requirements in Congo. The Uruguayan Air Force is assigned the combat and non-combat Search and Rescue and Personal Recovery mission.

They are currently the only international force conducting night flight missions in Congo.