SOUTHCOM Commander Visits Honduras

SOUTHCOM Commander Visits Honduras

By Dialogo
January 08, 2013

General John F. Kelly, Commander, U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), is in Honduras until January 9 to meet with the country’s defense authorities.

This is the general’s first visit to the Central American country since assuming his post as commander of SOUTHCOM, in November 2012. The trip’s objectives include furthering the bilateral conversations between the Armed Forces of both countries and exploring potential areas for future military cooperation.

During his visit, Gen. Kelly will hold meetings with Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, Defense Minister Marlon Pascua and the country’s senior military command.

Among the anticipated topics, the leaders will discuss cooperating in the fight against transnational threats, organized crime and drug trafficking, supporting humanitarian assistance projects, training activities for assistance in peace missions and natural disasters, professional experience and knowledge exchanges in topics including human rights, educational exchanges, and participating in bilateral and multinational exercises.

The general also plans on meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Honduras Lisa Kubiske, and the embassy staff to discuss the support given to the country in support of their efforts to strengthen their democratic institution, defend the liberties and rights of their citizens and stretch the friendship ties among both nations.