Software Developed In Chile To Find Stolen Computers

By Dialogo
April 01, 2009

Could you tell me where I can find this program and if it is sold, where I can buy it. Thanks, awaiting your response. A Chilean journalist has developed "Prey," a program that allows people to track down stolen computers by sending information via the Internet about their location. Tomás Pollak began to think of ways to recover laptops when, three years ago, he was robbed. "I just refused to give up my lost machine and persisted in catching those responsible," he says on his website, According to Pollak, "Prey" is a simple application that collects a lot of information from the computer and sends it to a previously designated mailbox to enable the gathering of information in case the computer is stolen. When the thief connects to the internet, the program, called "Prey," mails a report indicating the place of connection, network, programs running and files modified, and a "screenshot" of the desktop. Additionally, if the computer has a webcam, it will send a picture of the impostor, and if the victim uses Linux, it can generate a dialog box to talk with the offender, to ask the criminal what they are doing, why the computer was stolen, or even threaten them. Pollak offered the application under the license SRTCRMCUC, which means: "If You Recover Your Stolen Computer, Buy Me A Beer." Until now, none of its users’ computers have been stolen, so the beer will have to wait. Meanwhile, Pollak warns that installing the program does not guarantee any recovery because the thief can swap the hard drive, disabling the counterespionage of "Prey," whose symbol is a condor with wings outspread.