Six FARC Rebels Die in Bombing in Northwestern Colombia

By Dialogo
April 21, 2011

Six guerrillas belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
died in a bombardment in the northwestern part of the country, and another,
suspected of an attack with explosives in 2003, was arrested in the south, official
sources announced on 17 April.

Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera specified at a press conference that “a
well-aimed blow was successfully struck at a camp of the FARC’s Front 57, a sort of
training school, in the department of Chocó (in northwestern Colombia).”

According to the report, in a joint operation with police ‘jungle’ special
forces, Colombian Air Force (FAC) planes bombed the camp, located in a rural area of
Riosucio (Chocó).

The operation left six rebels dead, including alias ‘Gloria,’ suspected of
acting as an ideological officer for that faction of the insurgent

The police found a large number of weapons and propaganda materials in the
camp. They also found a minor who was turned over to child protective

Elsewhere, in an operation carried out in a rural area of the town of San
Vicente del Caguán, in the department of Caquetá (in southern Colombia), Aldemar
Soto (alias ‘the engineer’), active in the FARC for twenty-five years, was

Soto is accused of activating a ‘house bomb’ on 14 February 2003, near the
airport of the city of Neiva (in southwestern Colombia), in an attempted attack on
then-president Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010).

According to the Army, the insurgent was sentenced in absentia to thirty
years in prison for that attack.