Six FARC Guerrillas, Including a Front Commander, Die in Combat

By Dialogo
January 07, 2010

Uribe has every right, you can’t go around the world killing human beings, FARC has no right doing so. Do they think they are God to judge everyone else? I think they are the devil incarnate. They live off the backs of fools. They should work just like everyone else. Bogotá, 5 January (EFE).- Six guerrillas belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), including the second-in-command of this organization’s Front 51, were killed today in combat in the east-central region of the country, military sources announced. Troops from what is known as Task Force Omega fought the engagements with the rebels in the vicinity of the Sinai watercourse in a rural part of the locality of La Uribe, in the department of El Meta, around 250 kilometers south of Bogotá. In a statement, the Armed Forces High Command added that Eliseo Mancilla Garcés, alias “El negro Arturo” [Black Arthur], died in the engagements, in which three guerrillas were also captured. According to these sources, “El negro Arturo” was among those alleged to have incited the slaying of town councillors Fernando Morales Pachón and María Fanny Torres Ramírez in Sumapaz, a locality in the department of Cundinamarca, in the center of the country, in mid-October 2009. The dead guerrilla leader, who was thirty-nine years old, had been a member of the FARC for seventeen years and was investigated for his alleged participation in the rebel occupations of the jungle localities of Mitú and Miraflores in the last decade, which resulted in an elevated number of deaths and of kidnappings of uniformed personnel. The sources told reporters that the FARC’s Front 51 “is the one responsible for maintaining supply lines and providing security for the movements of Jorge Briceño Suárez, alias ‘Mono Jojoy,’’’ the military head of the principal Colombian guerrilla organization. Six rifles and a quantity of ammunition were seized in the same operation. The combats took place five days after twenty-two guerrillas, including three leaders, died in a bombardment in the same region, in a rural area of Puerto Rico, also in the department of El Meta, and eight others surrendered.