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Six Alleged Drug Traffickers Arrested and 800 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Guatemala

By Dialogo
May 03, 2012

On May 1, Guatemalan anti-drug agents arrested six alleged drug traffickers, three from Ecuador and three from Guatemala, as they were transporting around 800 kilos of cocaine by boat, off the Central American country’s Pacific coast.

Colonel Rony Urízar, the head of the Guatemalan Army’s press department, told local media that the vessel was intercepted close to 74 miles off the coast of Puerto Quetzal, in the southern part of the Central American nation.

At the same time, sources from the Guatemalan Interior Ministry indicated that the arrestees had been identified as Néstor Iván Floriano Mejía, Hugo Rizo González, and Elías Barrios Grijalva – from Guatemala, and Eduardo Jairo, Wilson Borges, and Javier Jiménez – from Ecuador.

According to the information provided, these individuals were surprised on board the speedboat ‘Gran Chapina’, in which approximately 800 kilos of cocaine were found in 14 bags.

Up to now, the Guatemalan anti-drug authorities have not specified whether the men arrested received the drugs on the high seas in order to bring them to Guatemalan territory, or they were themselves responsible for transporting the shipment from another country.

Urízar specified that the individuals arrested and the drugs seized will be turned over to the Guatemalan judicial authorities.

According to records kept by Guatemalan security forces, 1,554 kilos of cocaine have been seized, while 1,112,273 marijuana plants and 257,281,800 poppy plants have been eradicated in different regions of the country since April 13.