Shooting at the Military World Games

Shooting at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

In the sport of shooting, there are three different categories, which are subdivided into various events. These are the pistol category (25m, 50m, air, rapid fire, standard, and center fire), the carbine or rifle category (three-position, prone, and air carbine; three-position, prone, and air standard rifle), and the shotgun category (skeet, Olympic trap, and double trap). In all events, the objective is to hit the greatest number of targets in order to score the most points.

In military competitions, there are two other events: military rapid fire pistol, for men and women, and military rapid rifle, in which only men compete. At the 5th Military World Games, there will be sixteen events, eight in the pistol category, four in the rifle category, and four in the carbine category.

Men will compete in center fire pistol and military rapid fire pistol, in addition to military rapid rifle and three-position standard rifle, and women will compete in military rapid fire pistol and 25m pistol, in addition to three-position carbine and prone carbine. There will be individual and team competitions in each event. In team competition, the results of three athletes from each country are added together. There will not be any shotgun events.