Shining Path Communication Network in Jungle of Peru Jungle Destroyed

By Dialogo
June 15, 2009

The Peruvian Army destroyed a communication network used by the remaining forces of the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) organization in the forest valley region of the Apurímac and Ene rivers, better known as VRAE, local press reported. This week an Army patrol entered a terrorist campsite in the Vizcatán area, from which the Path is assumed to have attacked Sanabamba Base soldiers last Friday, resulting in one casualty and four wounded soldiers. Mayor Luis Balbuena, spokesman for the Pichari military post, told the newspaper El Comercio de Lima that “the terrorist groups have been demobilized due to the lack of communication they are experiencing, and it will be several days before they can re-establish it." Balbuena confirmed that the military operation continued on Thursday in the area where the Path’s campsites were located. Although the Armed Forces state that there were casualties among the subversives, Balbuena explained that Path members “do not leave their wounded (or dead in the field)” for fear that they might be identified and interrogated. "Nevertheless, we know that they have suffered casualties," he said. The military operation this week in the Vizcatán has left one soldier wounded by the shrapnel of an explosive thrown by Path members, the source confirmed. According to state information quoted by El Comercio, about 300 Shining Path members compose the main forces of the organization called the Shining Path Central Regional Committee, led by Víctor Quispe Palomino, aka camarada José.