Seizure Of 3,500 Cartridges Headed For Ecuador And Possibly Intended For FARC

By Dialogo
May 06, 2010

Peruvian anti-drug agents discovered in Tumbes (northern Peru) a shipment of 3,500 12-caliber cartridges being carried by a truck with cement on its way to Ecuador and possibly intended for the FARC Colombian guerrilla group, the police told the Andina state news agency. The head of the Tumbes anti-drug police, Maj. Willy Peña, did not rule out the possibility that the final recipient of the ammunition was to be the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, a Marxist guerrilla group), and he emphasized that it was the largest seizure made so far this year. The ammunition was hidden in two packages in the truck’s cab and in a sack in the cargo compartment carrying the cement. The driver was detained for an investigation of the ammunition’s origin. The police action took place at the Carpitas customs complex, 80 km south of Tumbes. The ammunition was seized, and the police provided no further details on its characteristics or provenance. Twelve-caliber cartridges are the world’s most used by the armed forces in long-range rifles. The Tumbes police chief affirmed that the action was due to intelligence work that has enabled the detection of a new mode for transporting ammunition.