Second Combat Camera Exchange

Second Combat Camera Exchange

By Dialogo
July 06, 2015

Colombia, Mexico, and the United States got together for the Second Combat Camera Exchange at Colombia's Integral Action and International Missions School (Esmai) under the framework of the “Cooperation Plan on Integral Action between the U.S. Southern Command, the Colombian Ministry of Defense, and the Joint Staff of the Colombian Armed Forces.”

The meeting was held April 20-24, 2015, and was led by Dr. Benjamin P. Gochman and Lieutenant Colonel David Jenkins, both from the Information Operations Office (J39) of the U.S. Northern Command, and Major Eduardo José Larumbe, Information Operations Program Coordinator at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). The event was also attended by camera operators and photographers from the National Defense Department of Mexico, the Mexican Department of the Navy and experts and instructors in Combat Cameras from Colombia’s National Army, National Navy, Air Force and National Police.

Through exhibitions and real-life experiences, the participants shared knowledge, tactics and procedures to integrate combat camera capabilities into Integral Action and information operations, establishing recommendations aimed at strengthening its capabilities and effectiveness. Additionally, they covered dissemination of doctrine in the region (Central America and the Caribbean).

For that purpose, they conducted a practical field exercise at the Facatativa Communications School, where participants were exposed to various scenarios and developed their skills and knowledge as combat cameras, in order to fulfill the mission assigned on the training grounds.

The closing ceremony for this second exchange was led by Colonel Juvenal Díaz Mateus, Director of the Military Education Center, who highlighted the importance and need for combat cameras in the Colombian Armed Forces, who have strengthened their work through the experiences they have gained during more than 50 years of conflict.

Lastly, authorities hope to be able to continue these combat camera expert exchanges, so as to continue sharing best practices between the countries and militaries, and thereby strengthen their ties against transnational organized crime.