Second Chilean Naval Academy Cup Regatta Held in Viña del Mar

Second Chilean Naval Academy Cup Regatta Held in Viña del Mar

By Dialogo
November 02, 2011

On October 29, more than 100 sailors and 70 vessels participated in the second edition of the regatta held by Chile’s Arturo Prat Naval Academy (Escuela Naval Arturo Prat), which took place in Viña del Mar.

The Star, 470, Laser (radial standard), Vagabond, Optimist, Lightning, Sunfish, and Beachcomber classes participated in the event.

Both competitors and spectators enjoyed ideal weather conditions, with winds up to 18 knots, making this regatta a highly demanding one.

The competition took place on two parallel courses, each with its respective regatta judges and buoys, under the supervision of the head of the Naval Academy sailing team and general coordinator of the regatta, Lieutenant Gerard Novion.

“The regatta was a complete success; we had a record number of vessels registered in all classes, starting with the smallest ones, which are in the Optimist class, up to the largest sailboats, which are in the Lightning and Star classes, and we had the Beachcomber class that came especially from Muelle Barón.”

All the cadets on the 2011 sailing team participated in the event.