Salvadoran Military Would Accept Leftist Leader Says Minister

By Dialogo
January 09, 2009

This Friday the Salvadoran Minister of Defense, General Jorge Alberto Molina, confirmed ‎that the military will accept former left-wing ex-guerrilla presidential candidate, General ‎Mauricio Funes, as Commander if he wins the election on March 15. ‎ ‎ “The decision will be in the hands of the Salvadoran people; they will decide which ‎candidate will be elected and also become the General Commander of the Armed Forces ‎starting June 1, 2009,” General Molina told the press during a military ceremony. ‎ Surveys place Funes, the candidate of the left-wing party Farabundo Marti National ‎Liberation Front (FMLN) in the lead among Salvadoran voters, who will be voting on ‎March 15. This could put an end to two decades of right-wing rule in this country. ‎ The Minister of Defense also said that the Armed Forces is an “obedient” institution. As ‎such, it will comply with the results of this election, in which the FMLN has its best ‎chance to win since it became a political party in 1992, after the civil war.‎