Salvadoran Military Personnel Being Trained to Stop Border Smuggling

By Dialogo
August 13, 2010

Salvadoran military personnel have begun to be trained by a business group to crack down on smuggling at clandestine border crossings on the borders with Honduras and Guatemala, the Defense Ministry announced Wednesday.

The first military personnel to be trained by staff from the Salvadoran Distributors Association are those of the Sumpul Command, posted on the border with Guatemala, in the western department of Ahuachapán, the military specified in a statement.

The training includes information on combating “illicit trade, falsification of merchandise, and piracy.”

The military personnel are taught about the legal framework on which the authorities rely in order to suppress illegal trade along the borders.

The products most readily smuggled are cigarettes, liquor, liquified natural gas, and toothpaste.

On orders from President Mauricio Funes, the Salvadoran army is covering sixty-two “blind” (illegal) crossing points on the borders with Guatemala and Honduras.