Sale of Counterfeit Products Can Finance Terrorism

By Dialogo
September 13, 2012

The money from the sale of counterfeit goods, a business that’s worth millions of dollars a year, can finance terrorism and other forms of organized crime, in addition to jeopardizing the health of people, assured Interpol sources in Panama, on September 11.

“You cannot disregard the fact that some of them (activities related to counterfeiting and piracy of products) and the money they generate can get to the hands of terrorist groups,” said Khoo Boon Hui, President of Interpol.

Khoo Boon Hui made these statements in Panama, where he inaugurated an international conference on counterfeit products and crimes against intellectual property. The event was attended by 500 Interpol representatives from 50 countries.

“Piracy and counterfeiting are only two components of a much larger, transnational and criminal activity,” added Khoo Boon Hui during the keynote address at this meeting which ends on September 13.

In recent times, counterfeiting of medicines or pills like Viagra have increased, something that worries the authorities because of the implicated health hazards.

According to experts, although most of the counterfeits formerly originated in Asia, presently there is an increase in local production, because there are workshops with the capacity to make the complete counterfeiting of products.