Reward Programs

By Dialogo
October 01, 2010

In Colombia, there is a program known as Monday’s rewards (Lunes de
recompensas) under which the Armed Forces pay an individual who offers information
leading to the detention of criminals.
The program has a “cooperating network” with more than 3 million citizens
contributing frequently with numerous bits of information to help authorities.
According to the Fifth Division of the Colombian Military, successes in
reducing terrorist organizations’ structures are possible thanks to the cooperating
Peru has had a reward program since 2009. For information that leads to the
apprehension of terrorists, the Peruvian government pays up to 500,000 new soles
(about $179,000).
The U.S. has had a Narcotics Rewards Program since 1986. The program
cooperates with other nations in their fight to counteract narcotraffickers and
terrorists, paying up to $5 million for information leading to the capture of a main
drug trafficker, according to the U.S. Department of State. In April 2010, U.S.
authorities offered that amount to anyone offering information leading to the
capture of Colombian narcotrafficker Maximiliano Bonilla orozco, according to the
U.S. Embassy in Colombia. In May 2010, the U.S. offered a similar amount for the
capture of the leaders of the Shining Path, Florindo Flores and Víctor Quispe