Reward Offered for Militants

Reward Offered  for Militants

By Dialogo
January 01, 2010

Peru is working on a new approach to counter the violence from the remnants of the Shining Path guerrilla group. Rafael Rey, Peru’s minister of defense, told the news agency EFE that the approach includes new military intelligence and elite forces. It also includes a reward program that could pay $100,000 or more for information leading to the capture of Shining Path commanders. For 2010, Peru has assigned $191 million for action against the rebels in their main areas of operations, such as Ayacucho, Cuzco, Junín and Huancavelica, according to The Associated Press. The new strategy incorporates investment in military equipment and social projects for the communities in the Apurímac and Ene River Valley, Shining Path’s main area of operations, the national newspaper El Comercio reported in October.