Report: Al Qaeda Members Are Hiding In Brazil, Raising Money

By Dialogo
April 05, 2011

Congratulations to the magazine Veja, good research and above all excellent coordination among the specialized agencies to provide real intelligence that alerts a country, it would be nice if they looked a little to the south and see their neighbors, here it is disastrous, with the Hezbollah we have them up to our necks, but that's nothing, the magazine Veja should to go to Bolivia, they say that it is hot news because of the free transit of terrorists linked to the government, drug output, the existence of a controlled laboratory by a Minister of the Border, Gold accumulation, smuggling, entry of weapons, and well a whole range of rare and relations to organized crime, all with the backing of the Government ... What do you think, people should give their account and talk, Bolivia is a silent and hidden chaos. I believe the authorities should make him turn in his possessions and see what happens in this part of the region of the South, in Brazil they say there was a ex-terrorist former President of Bolivia and the entire government of the ELN, EGTK, SL MRTA and others if you do not believe read their newspapers and watch your television, these media are being rounded up by the government, the idea is to silence them. And another one passes through here, The Cris, they have us going crazy, but it is time to leave, there are 35,000 Peronist we do not want to know about it, South America must be free, Democratic and with a real respect for human rights. THATS JUST WHAT WE NEED TO ENCOURAGE THE PENDING CHICKEN SALE WHAT COMES OUT OF THE EGG AND LATER APPEARS..WHAT COMES OUT IS SO ROTTEN….NO GOLDEN EGGS EXIST.. JUST HORROR… Not only in Brazil, but also IN VENEZUELA, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. It has long been known that FARC, ELN, HEZBOLLAH, AND ETA patrol and train in these countries, with approval of the revolutionary socialism of the 21st century. THE GOOD PEOPLE OF AMERICA WILL BE CRYING FOR NOT ACTING IN TIME AGAINST THESE PESTS. When all of us are in the concentration camp of the sunrise. Study how the National Socialist Hitler started, or just ask the Latino dictators in power. I do not know which way this magazine Veja leans, but the comments made before mine are really reactionary, they view the situation as an incredible horror. However, they do not consider the massacre made by US soldiers, but if they consider it, they think it is correct due to their right-wing vision which nullifies concern for human beings IN COLOMBIA, PANAMA AND IN THE UNITED STATES THERE ARE TERRORISTS GROUPS ARMED TO THE TEETH THAT CONTROL THE COCAINE TRAFFIC FROM NORTH TO SOUTH. WHY IS IT NOT INVESTIGATED?, THE TRUTH IS THAT THESE GANGSTERS HAVE A LOT OF MONEY THAT THEY ALSO CONTROL THE CORRUPT ARMED FORCES OF THESE “DEMOCRATIC” COUNTRIES AND THE POLITICIANS AS WELL.
The 'magazine' is a tool sent by the U.S., its not something serious, the magazine Veja is a disgusting useless right-wing creation. These headless fools confuse Arabs with terrorists and in Brazil there are 10 million descendants of Arabs, keeping track of all of them is something only an American or someone as obstinate as they, would dream up. That topic is a waste of time for the unemployed or lovers of leisure.
Al Qaeda agents are in Brazil planning attacks, raising money, and recruiting followers, one of the country’s leading news magazines has reported, renewing concerns that the nation may serve as a hiding place for Islamic militants.

The magazine Veja, in its Internet edition, reported that at least twenty individuals affiliated with Al Qaeda, the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, the Palestinian group Hamas, and two other organizations have hidden in the South America country.

The magazine indicated that these agents have been raising money and working to incite attacks abroad.

The publication cited the Brazilian police and U.S. government reports but gave no details about specific objectives or operations.

The United States has said that Islamic militants have been operating in the border region where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina come together.

Brazil has denied these statements, maintaining that it is aware that some members of the country’s Lebanese community have legally transferred funds to the Middle East.

Veja reported that a Lebanese man named Khaled Hussein Ali, who has lived in Brazil since 1998, is an important member of Al Qaeda’s propaganda operation and has coordinated extremists in seventeen countries.

He was briefly detained in Brazil in March 2009, after a police investigation in which videos and texts addressing followers of Al Qaeda were found.

An email was found on his computer that had been sent as “spam” to U.S. email addresses, inciting hatred against Jews and blacks, Veja noted.

He spent twenty-one days in jail on charges such as racism and incitement to crime, but he was released because prosecutors did not pursue the charges in court, Veja noted.