Precursor Chemicals from China Seized in Guatemalan Caribbean

By Dialogo
August 29, 2012

On August 24, Guatemala’s anti-drug authorities seized 110 containers of precursor chemicals, used to make synthetic drugs, which arrived at a Caribbean port in shipping containers from China, an official said.

Early tests indicated that the casks contained phenyl ethyl acetate; they were discovered in the port of Santo Tomas de Castilla, Izabal, in the country’s Caribbean coast, said Interior Minister Mauricio Bonilla.

The shipment entered the country on June 15, and the documents indicated that it was transporting siligen, a chemical used in the textile industry.

The operation was conducted by the Division of Counternarcotics Information and Analysis of the Police, the Container Control Unit, the Tax Authority and the Port Authorities.

On July 29, authorities also seized 18,800 kilograms of precursor chemicals shipped from China to the port. While on August 23, the police confiscated 100 kilos of liquid heroin coming from France, which entered the country as a pharmaceutical chemical.