Police In Brazil And Bolivia Agree To Joint Fight Against Organized Crime

By Dialogo
February 19, 2009

The Federal Police of Bolivia and Brazil signed an agreement Wednesday to strengthen ‎bilateral cooperation in combating organized crime, including actions against drug ‎trafficking, money laundering, and weapons smuggling.‎ The Convention on Police Cooperation Strategy of 2009 was signed by Luiz Fernando ‎Correa, the general director of the Federal Police (PF) of Brazil, and General Wilge Abel ‎Obleas, the National Planning Director of the National Police of Bolivia, in Campo ‎Grande in the of state Mato Grosso do Sul. ‎ According to a note from the PF, police hierarchies of both countries agreed to "perform ‎a series of actions aimed at combating organized crime, principally drug trafficking, arms ‎trafficking, money laundering, and related crimes." ‎ It emphasizes the actions of "logistical support" for joint or isolated operations, training ‎agents, and the exchange of intelligence information in the fight against organized crime.‎ The police corps from both countries will evaluate the possibility of appointing Brazilian ‎federal police officers to act as "official links" to the Special Force to Fight Drug ‎Trafficking in Bolivia. ‎ Moreover, Bolivia is committed to carrying out operations aimed at the "eradication of ‎marijuana and excess coca plants in their territory" with the help of logistical support ‎from Brazilian officials.‎ The agreement, which is valid for one year, includes technical visits and missions to ‎enhance joint investigations and exchange data relating to laws against drug and weapons ‎trafficking and money laundering.‎