Police Arrest Guatemalan Citizen with $47,200 in His Intestine

By Dialogo
March 26, 2012

The Guatemalan police arrested a Guatemalan citizen who was attempting to travel to Panama with dozens of capsules in his intestine, containing a total of 47,200 dollars in cash.

The individual, identified as 41-year-old Alberto Pérez Laparra, was arrested by anti-narcotics agents in Guatemala City’s airport.

This is “a new method being used by gangs dedicated to money laundering, who use their own bodies to hide money they aim to take out of the country without declaring it to the authorities of the Tax Administration Superintendency (SAT),” the police report asserted.

Pérez Laparra intended to leave the country for Panama on a commercial flight, but when he passed through the scanner area, hidden objects were detected. In total, Laparra was carrying 59 capsules with eight 100-dollar bills in each.