Peruvian Police Seize Eight Tons of Drugs from January to April

By Dialogo
April 26, 2012

The police seized around eight tons of drugs in 3,862 operations from January
to April, the anti-drug director of the Peruvian National Police (Dirandro), Walter
Sánchez, told the press on April 23.

He indicated that “in that period, the police succeeded in destroying 1,079
drug laboratories, and 72 pieces of real property and 125 vehicles used by drug
traffickers were seized.”

“The fight against drugs is not stopping; it’s underway throughout the
country,” General Sánchez specified upon displaying at Dirandro headquarters the
substances seized in the last few weeks.

“In only two weeks, police agents seized around 2,000 kilos of drugs and 12
tons of chemical raw materials, in operations carried out in different Peruvian
cities,” he announced.

He specified that seizures in those two weeks totaled 1,571 kilos of cocaine
hydrochloride, 267 kilos of cocaine base paste (CBP), and 186 kilos of

At the same time, the police brought before the press 6 (5 of them
foreigners) of the 28 ‘mules’ arrested at Jorge Chávez Airport between April 11 and
23 for trying to transport a total of 21 kilos of cocaine, in some cases having
ingested it and in others with it hidden in their suitcases.

Those presented at Dirandro headquarters were three Slovakians, one Russian
woman, one Thai woman, and one Peruvian.