Peruvian Police Captures Colombian Paramilitary Drug Lord

By Dialogo
February 08, 2013

On the evening of February 6, the Peruvian Police detained Colombian drug
lord Jacinto Nicolás Fuentes Guzmán, aka ‘Don Leo,’ leader of the paramilitary drug
ring Los Urabeños. He is accused of murders and of being linked to Mexican

“The capture of the fugitive drug trafficker, who entered Peru illegally this
year, was carried out on February 6 in Lima’s Miraflores district, with the support
of the Peruvian and Colombian intelligence police,” Peruvian National Police Chief,
General Raúl Salazar, said in a press conference. He said that the 47-year-old ‘Don
Leo,’ was accused of 100 homicides, and 800 more murders during his time as member
of Los Urabeños, “therefore he is wanted for justice by Colombia and the state of
Florida, United States.”

Salazar explained that after the paramilitary disarmament in Colombia, new
groups were created, such as “Las Águilas Negras” (Black Eagles), “Los Urabeños” and
“Ejército Revolucionario Popular” (Popular Revolutionary Army), causing violence in
the area where paramilitaries were settled before.

Under the leadership of Jacinto Fuentes Guzmán, Los Urabeños partnered with
the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and with criminal gangs from the
subregion of Bajo Cauca in Colombia, the official stated.

Salazar added that Los Urabeños killed 279 people in 2009; 225 in 2010; and
348 in 2012, according to information provided by the Colombian Police.

Don Leo was shown to the press amidst strong security measures at the
National Office against Terrorism. The arrestee was calm, and was wearing a black
t-shirt with the archaeological picture of Macchu Picchu.

According to the Police, ‘Don Leo’ was designated by Los Urabeños as a key
figure slated to take the lead in Medellín and confront the ‘Oficina de Envigado’
gang over the control of drug trafficking.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, praised Peruvian and Colombian
authorities for the capture of ‘Don Leo’ in Lima.

“Congratulations to the Colombian Police for capturing ‘Don Leo,’ head of The
Urabeños in Bajo Cauca, in Lima, with assistance from Peruvian authorities.”