Peruvian Navy Receives New Riverine Patrol Boat to Counter Drug Trafficking

Peruvian Navy Receives New Riverine Patrol Boat to Counter Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
September 06, 2013

As part of the coordinated efforts between public institutions in the fight against drug trafficking, the Peruvian National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) presented the Navy with a riverine patrol boat, in order to reinforce the fight against drugs in the Loreto region.

The handover was made at the Navy’s Industrial Services center in Iquitos, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Resources for Defense Jakke Valakivi Álvarez; Navy Commander Admiral Carlos Tejada; the governor of Loreto region, Iván Vásquez, and Devida president Carmen Macías.

The new patrol boat ‘Río Itaya’ will be deployed in interdiction missions against illicit drug trafficking in regional rivers. It is designed to carry passengers and cargo, and it is equipped with the Water-Jet system, powered with two diesel engines, capable of reaching a top speed of 26.3 knots.

Two million soles (U.S. $720,000) were invested in its construction, and it has a 10-hour navigation autonomy to transport up to 18 passengers towards the tri-border with Colombia and Brazil.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Deputy Minister Valakivi thanked the Navy for the cooperation and emphasized its professionalism, adding that it will be using this unit to fight against illegal activities in that Peruvian area.

In addition, Deputy Minister Valakivi participated with the rest of the authorities in the launch of the Traveling Platform for Social Action (PIAS), a Navy-operated ship that has been conducting assistance to state social programs and government offices in remote villages in the Amazon.

On this occasion, the platform sailed through the Napo river basin with elements of the National Civil Registry (Reniec), Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS), National Bank, and the Ministry for Women’s Affairs, among other institutions.