Peruvian National Police Destroys Drug Labs

Peruvian National Police Destroys Drug Labs

By Eduardo Szklarz/Diálogo
October 01, 2020

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The Peruvian National Police has dealt additional blows to narcotrafficking in recent weeks.

Peruvian National Police agents destroyed a cocaine lab in Sivia district, where they found 396 kg of the drug and two firearms, in addition to 2,000 kg of acetone, drums, presses, and other material. (Photo: Peruvian National Police)

On August 17, officers found more than 63 kilograms of liquid cocaine and 2,300 kg of coca leaves in the process of maceration in a lab, in Ayacucho department.

On August 15, agents destroyed labs in Megantoni and Echarate districts. “Police personnel found more than 80 kg of cocaine, war weapons, ammunition, radios, satellite phones, and 111 fuel drums,” the National Police said on Twitter. “Three clandestine airfields were also destroyed.”

During another operation on August 8, the force dismantled a criminal organization known as the Cártel del Sur. Officers captured four members of this group, who were carrying 120 kg of cocaine hydrochloride in a truck. The operation took place on the Pan-American Highway, in Arequipa department.

“The brick-type packages containing the drug were inside the vehicle’s cabin,” said the National Police, which worked together with the Ministry of the Interior’s Intelligence General Directorate and the Highway Police.

On August 4, the National Police destroyed a lab that was used for cocaine production, in Sivia district, also in Ayacucho department. “The officers found 396 kg of the drug and two firearms, in addition to 2,000 kg of acetone, 50 kg of sulfamic acid, five gas cylinders, hydraulic presses, ovens, and plastic drums,” the National Police reported.