Peruvian Army Creates the 6th Special Forces Brigade

Peruvian Army Creates the 6th Special Forces Brigade

By Dialogo
March 16, 2012

The Peruvian Army (EP) has at its disposal a modern force, in constant evolution, with the capabilities considered necessary to deter, and if necessary, neutralize any internal or external threat, according to the fifth institutional objective of the Institutional Strategic Plan of the Civil Affairs Directorate (DIRAC), known as the “Bolognesi Plan.”

Taking into account these considerations, the flexibility inherent in special forces units, the geographic complexity of the Puno region, and the need for support in order to effectively combat illicit drug trafficking, the EP high command decided to organize the 6th Special Forces Brigade “Pachacutec,” headquartered in Puno.

This 6th Special Forces Brigade is made up of the following units: Command and General Staff; the 6th Command and Services Battalion “SO1 EP Edgar García Villena”; the 613th Special Forces Battalion “Capitán EP Ilich Montesinos Quiroz”; the 623rd Special Forces Battalion “Teniente EP Gerardo Iturraran García”; the 613th Commando Battalion “Capitán EP Jenner Vidarte Campos”; the 623rd Commando Battalion “Capitán EP Magno Pérez Sánchez”; and the 6th Special Forces Squadron “Sargento EP Rolando Bendezu Rebata.”