Peruvian and Chilean Military Leaders Meet to Coordinate Joint Actions

By Dialogo
February 14, 2011

The heads of the Peruvian and Chilean militaries met in the Peruvian border city of Tacna to coordinate joint actions in fulfillment of the accords between the two countries’ defense ministries, the official news agency Andina reported.

The occasion was the First Technical Meeting between the head of the Peruvian Armed Forces Joint Command, Gen. Luis Howell Ballena, and the head of the Chilean Joint General Staff, Gen. Hernán Mardones Ríos.

The meeting between the high-ranking officers was held in fulfillment of the agreement signed in August 2010 in Lima between the Peruvian and Chilean defense ministries, according to which the two countries are to create a binational unit with the capacity to participate in peace-keeping operations.

The agreement also includes the possibility of providing immediate assistance in the event of natural disasters in the two countries.