Peruvian Air Space Agency Successfully Launches Rocket

Peruvian Air Space Agency Successfully Launches Rocket

By Dialogo
June 20, 2013

A Paulet 1-B sounding rocket was successfully launched by the Peruvian National Commission for Air Space Research and Development (CONIDA) at Punta Lobos, located 60 km to the south of Lima on June 12. The device, developed for scientific purposes, reached an altitude of about 15 km over the sea adjacent to the base.

CONIDA’s director, Major General Mario Pimentel announced that the second sounding rocket was to be launched next year, using a new, second-generation fuel in solid state that will allow national rockets to reach 80 km in altitude. The third rocket will be launched in 2016, with the third-generation fuel also in solid state, allowing the rocket to reach about 100 km in altitude.

The Peruvian Air Space agency has also planned a space-satellite launch, with technology fully developed in Peru beginning in 2020. By that year, the launch of a rocket with an altitude of over 300 kilometers is also scheduled.

The scientific event was witnessed by the president of the National Congress’ Commission for Science, Innovation and Technology, Congressman Jesús Hurtado; the Deputy Minister for Defense Resources, Jakke Valakivi; Peruvian Air Force Operations Commander, Lieutenant General Carlos Bohórquez; representatives of the scientific local community; officials from local universities (potential users of this technology); representatives of the three Peruvian branches of the Military and of the U.S. Air Force, among others.

So by 2020 Peru will launch satellites into orbit made in Peru