Peruvian Air Force Develops High-Tech Air Surveillance Radar

Peruvian Air Force Develops High-Tech Air Surveillance Radar

By Dialogo
July 13, 2012

With the objective of improving airspace surveillance capabilities over the Peruvian Amazon, Peruvian Air Force (FAP) technical personnel are in the midst of developing the prototype of a high-tech air surveillance radar that will be ready to be put into operational service at the end of this year.

The development project is the product of an agreement between the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (DEVIDA) and the FAP, through which DEVIDA facilitates financial resources for strengthening the national air surveillance system. The agreement was signed by the chair of DEVIDA, Carmen Masías Claux, and the FAP’s commander of operations, Lieutenant General Carlos Bohórquez Castellares, and forms part of DEVIDA’s effort to coordinate with state agencies involved in the fight against drug trafficking.

Masías called attention to the special deployment carried out in the airspace near the border with Brazil, a country with which joint efforts are being conducted in this regard and that is expected to be the primary area of interest for the deployment of the radars developed by the FAP.

Although scant information is available, the FAP’s Electronics Service (SELEC) is believed to be in charge of the project to develop the radar, which is expected to have 3D capabilities – ideal for air surveillance tasks – enabling efficient three-dimensional radar coverage by capturing data on the elevation, range, and azimuth of the targets detected in the radar system’s area of influence.