Peru’s Armed Forces Provides Higher Education to Young Soldiers

Peru’s Armed Forces Provides Higher Education to Young Soldiers

By Dialogo
August 05, 2015

Congratulations and what an excellent initiative, regards and much success to the Peruvian Armed Forces. "LONG LIVE PERU" from Venezuela. The proposal by the President and Armed Forces is constructive. I congratulate this achievement the Government gives to young Peruvians. This way they can develop and go to university and get a job, as so crime and unemployment will fall. What I don't agree with is that the Presidents of the Republic be paid monthly salaries when their 5 year term ends, they should only be paid their CTS for the 5 years they served. That we know, we see the news of how these gentlemen benefit directly and indirectly, trials, they go to jail, and other things. The worst of it is that is life-long, this can't be. I am not sure, but I think even the Congressmen. FOR ME IT'S GREAT That benefit should have been available a long time ago. Congratulations This should have been done a long time ago. More than twenty five years ago, when I was still active, I saw something similar for my institution ( the FAP -- Peruvian Air Force) and when I was in military retirement and studying a Master's degree and a Doctorate at UIGV, I presented an educational project to the Director of the FAP's Training and Continuing Education School, transforming it -- after making changes and adaptations -- to the Universidad del Aire. This project ended up in the trash bin of the forgotten, apparently because of a lack of decision or the incapacity of the high command of the FAP. This project also considered, in addition to other similar and careers needed in the world of aeronautics, careers in healthcare, understanding that the institution needed to rely on staff completely in sync with aeronautics and not just professionals disguised in the light blue, white and gold uniform of arms; healthcare staff who, when put to the test, would not recoil or have just a "part-time gig" as a way of life.
I truly congratulate such a revolutionary educational endeavor; but it would also be ideal to education died-in-the wool military professionals and not those who are disguised, who never identify with the uniform. That is why I believe that what should be established, given what has been started, is the Universidad de la Defensa Nacional.
It is definitely our youth, more than anything those who have served the Homeland, who will have the opportunity to improve it, thanks to the opportunity they are given. Ángeledgar IT SEEMS LIKE A VERY GOOD IDEA, BUT THERE'S STILL A YAWNING CHASM: WHY MUST HE SERVE TWO YEARS FOR FREE AND ONLY DESERVE THE DESIRED STUDIES OF THREE LONG YEARS? THEREFORE, IT'S NOT SUCH AN "ATTRACTIVE" PROGRAM. WHAT WOULD BE BETTER AND MUCH MORE "ATTRACTIVE" WOULD BE TO HAVE OUR SOLDIERS STUDYING, SIMULTANEOUSLY, DURING THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF SERVICE PLUS ONE YEAR OF COMPLETE INSTRUCTION AND AT THE END OF THREE YEARS THEY WOULD GRADUATE AS PROFESSIONALS WITH A DEGREE FROM THE NATION. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR PERUVIAN YOUTH. NOW, IF A STUDENT FROM THAT PROGRAM WOULD LIKE TO RE-ENLIST IN THE ARMED FORCES, GOOD FOR HIM. IT WOULD BE MUCH BETTER FOR THE COUNTRY OF PERU. DEAR LEADERS OF THE GOVERNMENT AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, IT'S QUITE A GOOD IDEA, BUT IT'S NOT SO "ATTRACTIVE". THEREFORE, IMPROVE ON THE IDEA AND THE MESSAGE OF THIS PROGRAM. IN THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA AND IN MANY OTHER COUNTRIES THIS KIND OF PROGRAM EXISTS FOR THEIR YOUTH. WHY NOT HAVE ONE IN OUR COUNTRY OF PERU? IN ADDITION, IT WOULD BE A BETTER WAY TO CULTIVATE PATRIOTIC, PERUVIAN CIVIC VALUES IN THE MIND AND HEARTS OF OUR PERUVIAN YOUTH. THEREFORE, OUR PERUVIAN BOYS WOULD BE SAVED FROM A SERIES OF SCOURGES AND VICES, CRIME, ALCOHOLISM, DRUG ADDICTION, PORNOGRAPHY, TERRORISM, CORRUPTION, ETC. WHICH THREATEN SOCIETY DAILY. EDUCATION SHOULD BE THE STARTING POINT FOR THE PROGRESS OF THIS COUNTRY. THEN COME WORK AND NUTRITION AND THE OUTCOME WILL BE EXCELLENT HEALTH. I think it's a good alternative for these young people, who don't find anything after finishing military service. Congratulations to this new project, good for everyone...this way they contribute to fighting crime in our country for those young people who don't have the chance to study and this way improve their lives for the future...good...good Good for the young people. Their duty to their country will be rewarded some day. It was about time. It's a great opportunity for our youth to study one of the technical majors (in higher demand in this country) the Armed Forces offer, free of charge, including room and board. Now it's said they should serve 2 years as volunteers, which is correct because this will allow the young people to truly love their homeland and be upstanding citizens at the same time. Congratulations to the Government. Hi, wouldn't it be better to extend to age 40. It's that many years earlier it would have been good to give this help to the discharged soldiers. I am 36 years old and can't study because of my age. I suggest to the President that he extend it to 40 years old. Many would thank him. Here in the city of Trujillo I find it difficult to find a job. As a discharged soldier of the Armed Forces I, too, want to study and be someone in this life. My parents couldn't afford to send me to the university. Please, I ask you from the bottom of my heart to get this message to the authorities and that I may be able to study with this scholarship they're giving to discharged soldiers. I await a prompt response from you, if I don't, I will resign myself to continue struggling on my own with my own means. Thank you above all else. A big hug to all of you. Blessings... I THINK IT'S A MAGNIFICENT INITIATIVE, BUT MY VIEW IS THAT TO HAVE THIS RIGHT, ONE SHOULD SERVE THE TWO YEARS.

Soldiers younger than 30 years old who have completed Peru's Voluntary Military Service can study at no cost at the Armed Forces’ Public Institute of Higher Technological Studies (IESTPFFAA), which President Ollanta Humala and Minister of Defense Jakke Valakivi opened on June 26 in Lima.

The institute began operations on July 1 with 720 students and 60 professors, and courses available in five majors: Computer Science and Information Technology; Industrial Electronics; Production Mechanics; Automobile Mechanics; and Civil Construction. And in 2016, the IESTPFFAA will expand its academic offerings to include an additional seven professional technical majors: Machinery Maintenance; Forest Resource Management; Hotel Management; Systems Analysis; Mining; Food Services Industries; and Topography.

“The goal is that at the end of the first three years, which is how long each of the majors takes, we will have 7,000 students in 12 courses of study that will make up the educational project,” Rear Admiral Luis Peralta Guzmán, director of he institute, said.

To accommodate those students, the campus itself -- located at Major General Rafael Hoyos Rubio Fort, an Army base in the Lima district of Rímac -- will grow as well. “In a maximum of three years, the total projected capacity of the institute will include a 19-hectare campus.”

Responding to the country’s need for technicians

The Military created the institute to meet the country’s demands for professional technicians in the production sector.

“We conducted a study and held workshops with business unions, and we determined which majors were in the greatest demand in the production sector. These are majors that are going to contribute to closing the gap for professional technicians that are in demand in the labor market, which will contribute to economic growth and will increase that sector’s competitiveness.”

To get these benefits tuition-free at IESTPFFA, Troops must satisfy three requirements. First, they they must have completed two years of Voluntary Military Service in any of Peru's Armed Forces’ branches; second, they must be younger than 30 years old; and third, they must have completed secondary school. Those who meet these requirements will also receive a stipend to cover personal expenses, such as housing and food, thanks to an agreement between IESTPFFAA and the Beca 18 government program.

“We want these educational opportunities not to be limited to discharged service members who happen to reside in Lima, but for this program also to be affordable for those who live in the provinces,” Rear Adm. Peralta said.

A presidential initiative

This educational initiative rewards young people who have rendered Military service, Minister Valakivi said during the IESTPFFAA opening ceremonies.

“This is one of the most important academic achievements for the defense sector and for the government. The institute offers a quality higher-education experience in technology to young adults who have served in the Military. It also projects to the community one of the principle roles of the defense sector in the current environment, which is to contribute to national development.”

To that end, IESTPFFAA fulfills a pledge made by President Humala during a speech at his presidential inauguration in 2011, according to Rear Adm. Peralta.

“After the president’s announcement, the minister of Defense began working on this educational project as a public investment project, which has come to life today and boasts a campus outfitted with the latest equipment and technology.”

Specifically, the institute has laboratories, workshops, equipment, and furniture for each of the five majors being offered, and new facilities will be added gradually to accommodate future majors. There, students will work through a three-year course of study, divided into six academic semesters and including English classes. Upon completion, graduates will be granted a nationally-certified associate’s degree as professional technicians in their chosen specialties.

“Under our educational model for associate’s degrees, we grant certificates for progressive modules, that is, as students advance in their major, they obtain certificates that will enable them to join the labor force without needing to complete the entire course of studies.”

To assist graduates in finding employment, IESTPFFAA plans to sign agreements to create partnerships with business unions. Authorities expect this educational opportunity will be an incentive for youth to join the Peruvian Military, which has been voluntary since 1999, Rear Adm. Peralta added.