Peru: Shining Path Guerrilla and Soldier Dead in Clash

By Dialogo
October 07, 2010

It appears that the Sendero Luminoso group was destroyed, but such is not the case, that light is still lit, the membership of this group multiplies in the hearts of the revolutionaries and one day will reappear. A soldier and a member of the Maoist group Shining Path died in a clash in central Peru, the Armed Forces Joint Command announced Wednesday.

As a result of the confrontation, “an unidentified narcoterrorist, who was carrying an AKM rifle and was one of the commanders of the column, was killed,” according to a military statement that indicated that Army Capt. Illich Montesinos also died.

The military authorities use the term “narcoterrorist” to identify members of the Shining Path remnant groups that maintain an alliance with gangs of drug traffickers.

The confrontation took place Tuesday in the Rondayacu Gorge, an Andean area of the Junín region.

Several of the subversives are believed to have been wounded, in light of traces of blood and other evidence found by military personnel, for which reason military operations are continuing, the document indicated.

The area where the clash took place, which is under a state of emergency and controlled by the armed forces due to the presence of Shining Path remnants, is a coca-producing area where drug traffickers operate.

Shining Path, which was defeated in the mid-1990s, began an internal war in 1980 that ended after two decades with a toll of 70,000 dead and missing, according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

With their chief leaders captured, only isolated groups currently exist in the central and southeastern Peruvian jungle, and according to the government, they do not represent a danger to the country’s security.