Peru Seizes 4 Million Counterfeit Dollars and Euros

By Dialogo
July 23, 2012

On July 19, Peruvian police announced the seizure of around 4 million counterfeit dollars and euros from an international counterfeiting ring that hoped to introduce them into the United States and Europe.

“We’ve struck a heavy blow against the counterfeit of foreign currency, seizing 2.4 million dollars and 1.6 million euros, all counterfeit,” said Colonel Segundo Portocarrero, head of the Police Fraud Division.

Traffickers customarily use a route that takes them through Argentina and Ecuador in order to subsequently transport the counterfeit currency to U.S. and European cities, according to the police commander.

Two people were arrested during police operations in residences in heavily populated areas of Lima, where the counterfeit bills were found hidden in book covers and suitcases with false bottoms.

In 2011, more that 8 million counterfeit dollars were seized by the Police. Peru is one of the top countries for counterfeiting bills in Latin America, according to the Police.