Peru Incinerated 41 Tons of Drugs in 2012

By Dialogo
January 02, 2013

A total of 41,103.957 kilos of drugs were incinerated in 2012, Minister of Interior Wilfredo Pedraza, said on December 27, and he assured that “the goal for the Peruvian fight against drug trafficking will be greater,” in 2013.

“There will be more resources for next year, so the Ministry is setting major goals in the fight against drug trafficking in Peru,” said the official after witnessing the incineration of five tons of drugs, the last lot of the year.

Pedraza stated that the goals for the eradication of illegal crops, drug seizures, and the arrest of drug lords and money laundering of drug trafficking profits will be higher in 2013.

He added that the total incinerations in 2012 widely exceeded those from former years: in 2011, 28,976 kilos were incinerated, while in 2010 and 2009, 21,000 kilos were incinerated each year.

“These results depict the commitment of the government to confront drug trafficking,” he said.

Out of the 5,290.697 kilos of the drugs incinerated on December 27, 1,851.564 kg were coca paste, 3,314.883 kg were cocaine hydrochloride, and 24.250 kg were marihuana.