Peru Inaugurates Naval Station to Strengthen River Border with Colombia

By Dialogo
December 10, 2010

Peru has inaugurated a naval station in order to strengthen its river border with Colombia in the context of the fight against drug trafficking, the Peruvian defense minister announced.

The naval station, operated by the Navy, will guard the Putumayo and Amazonas rivers using patrol boats and will have the mission of monitoring and guarding the border, along with its drug-trafficking interdiction efforts.

Defense Minister Jaime Thorne traveled to the Amazonian locality of El Estrecho, 1,500 km northeast of Lima, to inaugurate the station along with the new head of the Navy, Adm. Jorge de la Puente, the new head of the Army, Gen. Paul Tito da Silva, and the head of the Air Force, Carlos Samamé.

The new station was created a month after Lima received from Bogotá information extracted from the computer of the FARC’s slain top-ranking military commander, Jorge Briceño, alias ‘Mono Jojoy.’

Peru shares a long border of over 1,600 km with Colombia, and one of its security concerns is preventing the FARC guerrilla group from extending its influence and presence into the Peruvian Amazon.

‘Mono Jojoy,’ who was fifty-seven years old and one of the FARC’s most powerful leaders, died on 22 September in an attack by the Colombian army on his camp in the department of Meta (in central Colombia).