Peru Focuses on Destroying Shining Path, 20 Years After Founder’s Capture

By Dialogo
September 11, 2012

LIMA — As Peru marked the 20th anniversary of the arrest of Abimael Guzmán —founder and leader of the feared Shining Path terrorist group — Peru’s Ministry of Defense announced the death of one of Guzmán’s most violent disciples.
Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano Bellido said the killing of Rolando Cabezas Figueroa, also known as Comrade William, in the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Valley (VRAEM) proves the government’s resolve to combat terrorism firmly and within the law.
“The action taken by the Armed Forces and National Police reflects the decision by the government of President Ollanta Humala to confront, within the law, the Sendero Luminoso’s criminal actions,” Cateriano said at a Sep. 6 press conference as he was joined by Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza. “It’s an undeniable success, but we want to be prudent because much work remains.”
William was killed at 7:30 the morning of Sep. 5 in Llochegua, in the department of Ayacucho. Combined forces pulled off the successful operation against this particular terrorist, who had been active in the region for 20 regional years and who was said to rank fourth in the Shining Path hierarchy.
Officials fear MOVADEF entry into politics may trigger violence
The government effort follows a series of recent events that have reignited fears about terrorism two decades after the arrest of the leaders of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and the Shining Path. MRTA founder and leader Víctor Polay was arrested in July 1992 and is serving a 35-year sentence. Abimael Guzmán, founder and leader of the Shining Path, was arrested on Sep. 12, 1992; he’s serving a life sentence.
The Truth and Reconciliation Committee, which concluded its work early last decade, says the Shining Path was responsible for most of the nearly 70,000 deaths or disappearances during 20 years of political violence between 1980 and 2000.
In November 2011, the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movimiento de Amnistia y Derechos Fundamentales, or MOVADEF in Spanish) passed the first step in registering as a legal party.
The party submitted just over 360,000 signatures — more than double the number required — to enter Peru’s political system and compete in the upcoming election cycle, which begins in October 2014 with local elections.
The party had been established two years earlier by lawyers for Guzmán and other Shining Path leaders. Several of its most visible representatives, including secretary general Alfredo Crespo, spent time in prison for terrorism. Crespo was released in 2006 and has been Guzmán’s lawyer ever since.
MOVADEF leaders reject claims that their party is behind recent violent protests that have erupted across Peru in recent months, but the government says the connections are in plain sight. Officials point to a militant faction battling for control of the teachers’ union — the largest syndicate in the country — which is led by educators who are also MOVADEF members.
Fighting worsens in VRAEM
Just as troubling to President Ollanta Humala and his administration is an upsurge in violence by a breakaway faction of the Shining Path in the VRAEM. The region has been under a state of emergency since June 2003.
Shining Path fighters in the VRAEM kidnapped 36 contractors working on a gas pipeline in early April. The workers were released unharmed after six days, but the incident led to a spike in terrorist actions that has yet to subside. The Shining Path in the VRAEM, which is led by Víctor Quispe Palomino and two of his brothers, Jorge and Martín, was responsible for killing 14 soldiers last year and 20 soldiers and police officers so far this year. Six soldiers were killed in August alone.
The government is not convinced of a public dispute between the Quispe Palomino faction and the Shining Path’s jailed leadership, including Guzmán, who they say are traitors for giving up the armed struggle.
The Peruvian military has vowed to eliminate the Quispe Palomino group with a multifaceted plan that includes nearly $500 million in investment to improve basic services and infrastructure in the zone. That money will also buy new equipment and firepower for the Armed Forces and National Police. The 2013 budget specifically allocates $140 million for anti-terrorism activities and more than doubles, to $42 million, the line item for intelligence work. The overall defense budget will increase by 20 percent next year.
Artemio’s arrest has reduced violence in Upper Huallaga valley
Increasing terrorist activity in the VRAEM is a stark contrast to the success the government has reported in a northern jungle valley where a separate Shining Path armed column continued to operate. Officers from the police National Anti-Terrorism Bureau (DINCOTE) arrested Florindo Flores, leader of that faction, in February. Known as “Comrade Artemio,” Flores had run the Upper Huallaga front since the early 1990s.
Authorities have systematically picked off most of his followers since then, including three men in August. Police General Herbert Rosas, who heads DINCOTE, told foreign reporters on Aug. 29 that approximately 90 percent of Flores’ followers had been detained or killed.
“Artemio and the entire leadership of his faction have been arrested,” said Rosas. “The terrorist force in the Huallaga has been decimated and we will eliminate it completely by year’s end.”
The government is already preparing the terrain for an upcoming battle, when leaders of the Shining Path begin completing long prison sentences and will be released. The first two leaders, including Osman Morote, who was number two in the party before his arrest in 1988, will leave prison in June 2013. All but five of the outlawed party’s top leaders will be released by 2017.
Proposed ‘denial’ law carries stiff penalties
Meanwhile, the Humala’s administration has presented a bill to Congress that would make it a crime to “approve, justify, deny or minimize the crimes committed by the members of terrorist organizations.” The new crime would carry sentences between four and eight years in prison.
The Aug. 28 legislation — modeled on a German law that makes it illegal to deny atrocities committed by the Nazis — comes on top of legislative powers the Humala administration received in early August to publish new laws concerning terrorism, drug trafficking and citizen security, as well as changes to the institutional structures of military and National Police.
Premier Juan Jiménez, who took over the top Cabinet job in July, told Congress in late August that terrorism “is a very serious problem for the country that needs to be addressed now. Terrorism is gaining ground; there are groups affecting the country’s security and public order.”
“We believe the moment has arrived for a political pact … to confront terrorism in a decided manner,” Jiménez said Sep. 4. “We need a commitment from everyone, not only the political class but our community, to deal with this problem.”
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